kào liǎn chī fàn 靠  脸   吃  饭



kào liǎn chī fàn





Rely on the face to eat


Because of the excellent appearance, there are many job opportunities.










nǐ zhī dào xīn de wǎnɡ hónɡ Papi mɑ ?

A:你 知      的 网      Papi 吗 ?

Do you know Ms Papi,the web celebrity these days?

zhī dào,jiù shì nà ɡè mínɡ mínɡ ké yǐ kào liǎn chī fàn,piān piān yào kào cái huá de ɡū niɑnɡ

B:   ,    那 个 明      可 以 靠        ,             的 姑 娘  

Of course,she is the young lady who can eat on the face it happened that want to rely on talen.

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