Intensive Chinese Program

Our intensive Chinese courses may just be the perfect language learning solution for those of you looking for a fast track to Learning Chinese! Our Intensive programs have been meticulously designed to ensure that every student that steps through our doors gets the very best possible option to suit their Chinese language learning goals and needs.

The set up of our classes are nice and straight forward, with two options to choose from; One-on-one or small group  program. Our small groups classes tend to be the most popular with our beginner students, where they can master the experience of using their acquired Mandarin to a larger audience, get used to speaking and hearing Chinese with others and tuning their ears to the differing tones. Our Small Group Intensive Chinese Courses have a 5 student maximum limit, as we like to keep the group environment concentrated and fully- focused. We group up our students according to level and work out a program that combines and suits the needs of all, not only does this option widen the door for communication but it is also our cheapest Intensive program! Our One-on-One Intensive Chinese Programs are a really concentrated, individual style of class, a great option for students with an existing background in Mandarin who are working towards a language goal or want to speed up their Mandarin skills fast!

Explore the different Chinese Language programs available below:

Intensive Chinese Program Packages:

Small Group packages

An efficient and inexpensive way to learn Chinese.

Private Class packages

Flexible & intense- our most successful program

Learn Chinese in China the Intensive Way!

We whole-heartedly recognize and appreciate individualism when it comes to learning; whether this comes down to how a person connects with and picks up a language, their strengths and weaknesses, all the way to time and lifestyle constraints. In order to tackle these differences we have a varied selection of fully-working and approved teaching methods and approaches. Instead of offering a rigid system, we prefer to keep our schedules and methods open and customizable, to start with we will always offer our students a free Chinese language trial class so that they can get a feel for what's on offer, we will also an assessment where we gage their language level, following this we work together with the students to create a personalized Chinese language program, which caters directly to their personalized language needs and goals. Students don't have to be living in Beijing or Shanghai to take their free trial class or assessment, we are fully set up to offer online classes, where you can take the first step from the comfort of your own home at your convenience!  Once a program has been planned and put into motion, we continue to assess and adapt accordingly, ensuring that your learning Chinese experience, is an augmenting one! Aim? Maximum potential!  

We offer a variety of study combinations so that you can Learn Chinese in China in a tailor made fashion. Unlike our part-time Chinese program, the Intensive Chinese Program runs through an exclusive and dedicated time period, adopting the term: Total immersion program. We provide small group and 1-on-1 options. Working towards a Chinese Program that suit you perfectly. You also have the opportunity to try before you buy, with our free trial classes, sign up to yours and get a taste of what's in store!

Join our Chinese Language School and experience total language immersion in a Chinese environment. Take advantage of our relaxed student lounge and do your homework, study or work. Feel free to approach our friendly staff anytime regarding your Mandarin study questions.

We can guarantee that you will notice the difference in your Chinese level, whether that level is beginner, intermediate or advanced from the very first day of your intensive Chinese program with us.

Main Features

   Classes everday (4 or 6 class hours), Mon to Fri

   Different accommodation options

   Homework assistance in our school

   Weekly cultural activities

   Language certificate at the end of program

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