Intensive Chinese Kids Program

If you're searching for a fast track to learning Chinese, then our Intensive Chinese Kids Courses could be just what you're looking for! We offer small group and 1-on-1 options, full immersion packages and class-only courses, tailored to meet the needs of every student who walks through our doors.

All our Intensive Chinese Kids Courses include between 4-6 hours of Chinese classes per day and use a range of different teaching methods and media, according to personal preference and needs.

We can guarantee that you will notice the difference in your childs Chinese level whether that level is beginner, intermediate or advanced, from the very first day of your intensive Chinese program with us.

Our part time Chinese programs are designed to accommodate our students’ busy schedules. If your child has prior commitments but is keen to learn to speak Chinese quickly, then our part time program will be a perfect fit. All our part time classes offer the same basic structure, employ the same methodology and use the same materials as our intensive Chinese programs, but with fewer classes per week and on a more flexible time schedule. As with their full time counterparts, part time class content can be dedicated to fit the student.


Intensive Chinese Group Lessons


  7 years old ----- 17 years old

 Brief introduction

  Intensive Chinese lessons in the morning

 Start date

  Every Monday from July 4th to August 26th













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