heartfelt wishes--from the Hanyuan`s student Gisela

Learning Chinese is a huge challenge,  so you need to have the proper support and the right school to help you. Hanyuan mandarin has provided me numerous resources that have allowed me to be able to start understanding the language and after only 6 months I already could have a small basic conversation. After the basic course I wanted to prepare for HSK2 so Gugu made a special exam training. She also gave me some great and useful tips on how to deal with the different parts of the exam. I passed with a very high score! After that Chinese language became fun and I started to read and write 汉子。 I am also able to read many characters . The teacher are very talented and professional; the system they use has a good balance of all the skills you need when learning a new language: listening, reading,  writing and speaking.    I believe Chinese language has a unique logic,  and Gugu have given me lots of support first to understand the forementioned logic,  and then to start using it when practicing the language.   The location of the school in FrenchCincession is fantastic. Learning at this school feels like entering the past. Gugu has some great new ideas practice language in the city but because if Covid-19 this has not been possible yet. Last months the lessons were with Skype. Not ideal but Gugu was well prepared and teaching materials were uploaded and live on screen. I am very happy with my Chinese level right now and for sure want to continue! Thank you Gugu for all your help! ----Gisela